Jet 1484PD Euro


Jet 1484PD Euro Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator
      Clear View Vacuum Fluorescent Display with Full Punctuation, Heavy-duty 2-color ink ribbon printer , One Touch Grand Total.
  • Capacity:14 digits
  • Printing Speed: 4.6 lines per second
  • Fast and Reliable Epson 2-color Ink
  • Reliability (MCBF): 2 million lines
  • Printing Column: 22
  • [0] [00] [000] version
Twen 1218 Twen 1218 Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator
      A powerful desktop calculator, ergonomically styled, modern design with green illuminated display, highly functional with user friendly-keys for secure operation.
  • 12 Digits
  • Line-operated printing desktop calculator
  • 12-digit green illuminated display
  • Black and red print
  • VAT function
  • Currency conversion (EURO, €)
  • 11 currencies fixed, 2 freely selectable
  • Item counter
  • Percentage add-on and discount calculations
  • Percentage comparisons (DELTA, D%)
  • Mark-up calculation, Square root
  • Independent memory, Grand total memory (GT, å)
Monroe 7140 Monroe 7140 Heavy-duty Desktop Printing Calculator
      The Monroe 7140 feature fingertip availability of a wide array of productivity oriented features. Uniquely designed with an internal paper roll, which prolongs printer life and reduces costly repairs and downtime caused by printer failures while maintaining a sleek aesthetically pleasing profile.
Features: Instant printer shutdown, extended capacity, TAX, N-count w/ N-count correction, sequential calculation indicators, audit trail printout, auto double spacing, punctuation and clearance, percent key, and unique internal paper roll storage w/ extra supplies storage compartment.
  • Capacity: 12 digits
  • Printing Speed: 5.0 lines/second
  • 2 Color Print: Red for negative results, Black for positive results
  • Display: Large 0.12 inches high
  • Memory: 4-key independent
  • Keyboard: Buffered w/ 2-key rollover
  • Decimal Point Selection: +, F, 0, 2, 3, 4, 6 with decimal override
Special Features on Monroe 7100 Series:
  • Price/Price Mode
  • Units/Units Mode
  • Summation
  • Running Subtotal on Printer
  • Two-Column Addition
  • Set Round Option to Truncate
  • Set Round Option to Round Up
  • Set Identifier for Each Entry
Twen SC 1220 Solar Desktop Calculator
      A first class designer object. It's silver-colored finish harmonizes perfectly in any office.
  • Solar-cell and battery operation
  • Large 12-digit LCD display
  • Rubber keys for secure operation
  • Currency conversion (EURO)
  • 11 currencies fixed, 1 freely selectable
  • Memory and percentage calculation
  • Mark-up calculation