Uniwell SX-6600 For Retail and Scanning operations
SX-6600-05 Terminal for Groceries, and Retailers
      The SX-6600 is an advanced scanning terminal for retail markets such as medium to large supermarkets. And have been developed to be used by Grocery, Convenient Stores, Variety, Specialty, Mini-Supermarkets, etc.
  • 16 digits dot matix upper, 12 digits lower operator display
  • Scanning system with 18 digits random PLU and 22 characters item descriptor
  • Standard 2,238 PLUs, Max. 61,693
  • Stock Control Function
  • 3 Packed Sales
  • Store/Restore funcion, (hold and resume one transaction)
  • 99 Group-A, 99 Group-B and 10 Main Groups
  • Bottle deposit / bottle return function
  • 25 media keys + 10 preset tender keys, including foreign currency conversion
  • 3 age limitation tables
  • Scale link and Price Embedded PLU Bar Code
  • Scrolling display including scroll void/item
  • 93 programmable Raise Keys
  • 99 cashiers with its own full transaction memory
  • 1,024 customer file (option)
  • ESF/EJF function
  • Inter Register Communications / Network Ready
    32 ECRs
    Flash reports and flash downloading
    PC communications with Tensai2000
    4 slip printers
SureOne™ Point-of-Sale Terminal for Supermarkets, and Department Stores
      A powerful and convenient entry-level point-of-sale solution for retailers.
  • SureOne system unit w/ Cyrix Media GX (MGX) processor 266 Mhz (P-266)
  • 3.2 GB HDD, 32 MB RAM, 1.44 MB X 3.5 FDD, 64-bit architecture
  • 9" SVGA monochrome monitor
  • 32 KB NVRAM
  • LAN card
  • 40 column single station impact printer, magnetic stripe reader
  • Keytops Kit, compact cash drawer and 2x20 customer display.
IBM 4694
SurePoS™ Point-of-Sale Terminal for Supermarkets, and Department Stores
      The fast, intelligent solution for a dynamic retail world.
  • Innovative technology plus retail-hardened construction
       The IBM SurePoS delivers fast processors, abundant memory and speedy network connections to help retailers take advantage of many of the latest point-of-sale (POS) applications. The rugged packaging can withstand punishing retail conditions.
  • Impressive Investment protection
       Multiport connectivity, broad operating system support, fiscal capabilities and the ability to maintain a consistent POS architecture all help retailers maximize current investments in POS hardware and software.
  • Flexible Options for virtually any store
       With a wide range of peripherals and expansion options, the IBM SurePoS allows retailers to configure a high-performance solution that meets specific operational needs.
  • Cost-effective systems management
       The optional power management with battery backup assists in maintaining terminal loads, which can reduce downtime and can lower operating costs. Most models of the IBM SurePoS also include support Wake on LAN (REGISTER MARK) and the Wired for Management (WfM) initiative, allowing for centralized systems management.